AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. understands that your commercial and industrial business cannot put its work on hold, especially when it is time to professionally repaint your building. We have skilled painters who are able to work 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift to help minimize the disruption in your work place. In addition, our painters are able to paint a section of your building at a time, in a careful, efficient, safe, and professional manner, so that the remainder of your building can continue operating as usual.

Our painters recognize that they are working in a more demanding environment when painting commercial and industrial buildings such as:

  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Pulp and Paper Factory’s
  • Electric Companies
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Silos/Storage Tanks
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Sandblasting
  • Retail Centers
  • Warehouses
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Multi-Family Projects



Proper surface preparation is critical to the success and longevity of our projects. Surfaces are first analyzed and then processed using the most appropriate methods including: hot/cold power washing, steam cleaning, sandblasting, abrasion, chemical treatments, and shot-blasting for concrete floors. In all cases, surrounding surfaces are protected and masked off as needed, and our jobs sites left clean and organized.

AZPW Maintenance Service Co., Inc. specializes in high-volume spray painting of high-performance coatings. Spray painting offers the ultimate in speed, efficiency, and coverage quality, especially in 3D surface and difficult access situations. Conventional brush & roller techniques are utilized when they are preferable and/or more efficient.

As professional industrial painters, we are capable of working in most industrial situations, including high-rise exteriors and difficult access interiors. Our crews use a wide range of aerial-lift platforms as needed to access almost any area in your facility, and to complete jobs safely and properly.



Stripping effectively takes experience and careful handling of sometimes potentially harmful solutions. This is why this is a job best left for the professionals. This way you can ensure all the hard work will be done by making use of our paint stripping services. After stripping the surface, we always sand the surface vigorously and de-neutralize to remove any residue left from the stripping process.



We utilize a wide array of high quality industrial-grade paints and materials, each carefully matched to the application and intended lifespan for maximum cost effectiveness. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value possible, by providing a range of coating system alternatives and the information you need to make an informed decision. The latest-generation coatings we use include:

  • epoxies, multi-part epoxies
  • oil-based and latex paints
  • high-adhesion coatings for dirty environments
  • direct-to-rust coatings
  • specialty coatings
  • urethanes, polyurethanes
  • industrial enamels
  • dryfall paints
  • low-emissions coatings
  • non-slip coatings



Our projects are managed by experienced project managers to ensure jobs are completed as scheduled, within budget, and to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on minimizing disruptions to your business and occupants, and are adept in working in occupied and operating facilities, and during fixed time window periods such as scheduled shutdowns.

Industrial and commercial coating projects require a more sophisticated manner of preparation. AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. uses power tooling, hand tooling, and sandblasting to properly clean and prepare every surface. We then apply epoxy and urethane coatings for the most professional and durable results.

At AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. we only use career painters — As opposed to part time college students or itinerants, so you know the job will be done right “the first time”. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the workmanship. Many of our painters attend up to 4 years of formalized schooling in the trade.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. uses only top quality paints and finishes — Quality brand names that you can trust so we can guarantee our work.

Many satisfied references — We’ve already earned the trust of many of your neighbors, in addition to you. You probably already know some of our customers.



Legitimate contractors won’t mind offering you proof of licensing, a federal and state employers tax id number, proof of liability and workers compensation insurance from his insurance agent (not a photocopy of an expired policy). We will proudly show you all at your request.


Fully Covered with Liability Insurance

You are fully protected in case of any unintentional damage to your property, or injury to you or a loved one.


Fully Covered with Workers Compensation Insurance

So you don’t have to worry about injury related lawsuits in case a painter falls from a ladder. This is one that many of our competitors claim to have, but couldn’t prove it. If you ask to have his agent send you a current certificate of workers’ compensation insurance. Contrary to popular belief homeowners insurance may not protect you. Not to mention, the law requires employers to insure their employees.


Thorough Preparation

Surfaces will be scraped, sanding may be performed, and windows will be puttied. Bare surfaces will be primed, chalky areas wire brushed, we’ll apply rust inhibitors, repair cracks and holes and caulk cracks. On the inside of your home, we’ll repair cracks in walls, do plastering and many other repairs.


Daily Supervision of Your Job

You will be dealing with someone who has been personally involved in painting and has knowledge about your type of paint job and more importantly, is sensitive to your needs. We want the job to get done, to your satisfaction.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. bids our work “until full coverage is achieved” as opposed to bidding by the coat — So you don’t have to worry about hidden charges later, because one coat didn’t cover.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. works on a first come, first serve basis — Which means that once you decide to move forward on the work in the proposal, we make a commitment to you. So pre-book early to save your spot. We can only do so many paint jobs per year.

Once we start, we show up everyday until your job is completed — With the exception of rain. We won’t start your job and then leave you hanging, while we try to satisfy some other customer. You won’t have to worry about the project dragging on forever.

In our effort to achieve the highest degree of quality on each of our jobs, we use only the highest quality materials available. Unlike some companies, we do not use one specific brand of products, we use the best possible product for each individual job.

We apply our materials by brush, spray, or roller following the standard practices of the trade. Our craftsmen are professionally trained to perform high quality work in accordance to industry standards. All work areas are left neat and clean at the completion of each job. All furniture is covered to insure complete protection during painting. We move all furniture that needs to be moved in order to paint your home. However, we do ask that the customer move any small items, knick-knacks, etc. All nail holes, nail pops, and cracks on interior walls and ceilings are filled and sanded to insure a smooth professional finish.

Exterior shrubbery, walkways, etc., are protected while exterior painting and work is being done. All exterior surfaces to be painted are properly scraped, sanded, primed, sealed, and painted. All windows and doors receive particular attention to caulking and glazing. All new paint goes through a curing process. We do not recommend window cleaning or cleaning any fingerprints, etc., for 2 weeks. This complies with all paint manufacturers’ instructions.

Our goal is to complete your job as quickly as possible without compromising our standards of excellence. Our craftsmen work only one job at a time. This assures the customer that the job will be handled in a timely fashion, the customer should realize that the weather can be a hindrance to our daily schedule.

With the proper preparation, application, and the use of quality materials, either one or two coats of paint are in most cases sufficient for excellent coverage and durability. However, there are sometimes special situations in which a third coat may be necessary. In that event an extra charge may have to be made. Keeping with our policy, extra work will not be done without the customer’s permission.

The safety of your family and/or employees, your property and our employees are our most important responsibilities. We comply with OSHA regulations and guidelines by having in place the following written safety programs:
  • Basic Company Safety Management
  • Hazardous-Communication
  • Blood borne Pathogen
  • Hard hat Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Grounding Conductor Protection
  • Lockout/Tag
  • Fall Protection
  • Respirator Protection
  • Hazard Assessment

All employees are required to go through an OSHA 10-hour training seminar. We are committed to a drug and alcohol free work place at all times. We inspect each jobsite to locate hazardous conditions prior to starting. All employees working the jobsite are then informed and trained to protect themselves and others from these potential dangers. We conduct weekly job box safety talks with monthly company wide safety meetings and training seminars. We use full body harness fall protection when working on planks above eight feet from the ground or as required by OSHA.