The first step in our system is to Certify all service professionals in every trade and service that we offer.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. we recognize that our overall success relies on the performance of the local and national independent service providers utilized out in the field. For this reason, AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. goes to great extents to Certify our local and national independent service providers prior to adding to our network.

There are a number of Certifications they must meet to become part of the AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. network. At a minimum, the following must be met:

  • Proven track record of delivering exceptional service
  • At least $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Signed W9 form along with Federal ID number
  • References (at least Five) that are contacted
  • Ability to utilize technology to communicate and facilitate services

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. has several methods for identifying new local and National service providers. Whenever possible, AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. pursues recommendations from trusted sources. These references can come from retailers, property managers or from our existing network of service providers. AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. also identify potential service providers through their associations with professional trade organizations.



The second part of our system is to Expedite our qualified service provider to your location for service.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. operations team utilizes proven methodologies for Expediting services. No two clients are the same, and AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. has the flexibility to customize Expediting procedures to suit the needs of each and every client. Whether we are Expediting a routine power washing cleaning services or responding to an emergency roof leaking service call, count on AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. to professionally and promptly Expedite a qualified and professional local or national independent service provider to successfully complete the service call.



The third system is our 24-Hour Service Center and Manage Performance to each client’s specification. At AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. no job goes on autopilot. Whether it is a routine service or responding to an emergency service call, our operational staff is engaged with the store manager and service provider to ensure successful completion, on time, and on budget. AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. leverages the power of various technologies, such as our 24-Hour Call Center



The fourth system is our Excellence Guarantee of our local independent and national service providers.
AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. employs a full team of Professionals that continuously travel to monitor the performance of all services. Our knowledgeable divisional foreman manage corrective actions with the local independent service providers to ensure all specifications are met, and that each service surpasses the client’s expectations. In addition to our regularly scheduled divisional foreman visits, AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. never hesitates to schedule additional site visits upon a clients’ request or if there is even a hint of a service delivery problem. At AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. takes pride in the quality of services we manage and take the proper corrective actions when necessary.